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  · 27 days ago.
Scheduled an appointment, technician never showed, never called. Called back they set up another technician. That technician called an hour later and said they don't service what we needed serviced. We're still HOT!!!
  · 1 months ago.
These guys have been out 3 times, I’m still coming home to 80 degrees . Tell me everything looks okay, yeah right. How do you call yourself an expert?
  · 1 months ago.
I highly recommend Bradbury Brothers for your A/C needs. Olech did an outstanding job on our system, and was very professional and personable.  Their staff and service is the best.

  · 1 months ago.
My wife had been sick for over 6 months and the guys at Expert came over and put the UV unit and the Plasma Generator in the house. Three weeks later my wife is healthy and our house is bacteria and virus free. This unit also kills all mold as well. My son has had to have breathing treatments regularly and when he laughs too hard his asthma flares up, making us deliver a breathing treatment. He has not had one episode, nor have we had to deliver any treatments since we had these two installed. Thank you Expert Air for improving my families quality of life!
  · 1 years ago.
Garrett is the Best technician specialist period!!! These guys are the best, when you work with Expert Air ask for Garrett to come check your problem out. He is very very knowledgeable and will actually tell you whats going on. He will explain pro's and con's very simply. If i could give a higher rating I would.
I definitely recommend this specialist and company

Jake Johnson
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