Things to Consider for Chilled Water System

For any commercial company, regardless of size, overhead costs and safety are of the highest concern to be handled efficiently.  Chilled water systems come to mind here because your ac system is a must for comfort, productivity, and safety.  The pros and cons for a chilled water system will be discussed below, but what’s to be remembered is that overall, chilled water systems are cost effective avenues for cool temperatures that are also safe. Safe because having refrigerant piped all over your commercial building, has inherit hazards, and chilled water systems take that hazard out.



·         Energy Reduction and Lower Utility Bills – Compared to standard air cooled chiller/HVAC system

·         Noise Reduction – Extremely quiet choice, excellent in certain environments.  Water is not as susceptible to duct and vent expansion and contraction.

·         Healthier Option – water is non toxic and non corrosive, unlike your standard cooling systems that use refrigerant and other chemicals for operation

·         Safer Solution – again, no refrigerant piped hazard to be worried about

·         Longevity – Lasts longer than standard air cooled chiller alternative because water chilled is installed indoors and the alternative is outdoors, impacted by the elements.  Also alternative uses chemicals that the water chilled system doesn’t require



·         Higher Upfront Costs – All technology advanced equipment costs more upfront than the standard option. Also, more complex units tend to have higher labor costs due to specialized training.  It can pay for itself over time in a multitude of ways (think advantages)

·         Standard Maintenance Increase – More working parts means more chance of increased inspection, repair, and/or replacement of faulty parts. Water treatments will also be required.

·         Not as Effective in Humid Environments - Higher levels of humidity raise the wet-bulb temperature, which is an indicator of how efficiently water absorbs heat. This equates to higher operating costs.

Whether you are ready for your first water chilled system or need a repair or replacement to your already installed unit, the HVAC technicians at Expert Air are certified, knowledgeable, and professional.  For all your commercial needs, you can rely on Expert Air. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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Things to Know About Electricity in Home Renovations

Electricity is a beautiful commodity that we require for many things of comfort and functionality in everyday activities.  Electricity is also dangerous when mishandled.  Dangerous to the point of deadly, so below are a few things professional electricians want you to know prior to any Do-It-Yourself projects.


·         Circuit Overload is Easily Possible. During home renovations, do your homework and ask the professionals on proper switches and outlets location. 

·         Savings Now May Cost More Later. Choosing DIY when not experienced will cost you more in the long run.  You may think YouTube channels of steps and materials is the way to go.  Your lack of knowledge will likely result in further damage.  Once this is accomplished, you will need help with the repair. Cost of professional repair plus cost of what you spent, plus potential for more costly repair due to your negligent actions equates to more money spent. 

·         Follow Code Requirements. Home renovations may require changes to electricity.  If you don’t know code, you put your home in danger of hazards, and electricity codes are in place for a reason.  Certified electricians are required to be up-to-date on all codes. Do your research, ask for guidance, or call the professionals at Expert Air.

·         Cutting Corners is Costly. When it comes to home renovations, the lack of skill and knowledge of DIY results can just be an eye sore like a bad paint job, but when playing with electricity, the error can cause injury, fire, or death.  Saving money by doing it yourself can cost more than money can buy.

·         Tying Into an Existing Circuit can be Problematic. Electrical design is systematic, so it’s often not wise to tie into an existing circuit.  Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you should use it.  Some circuits are meant to be separate.

·         Trust the Professionals. Training is necessary for knowledge and safety.  Certified electricians go through grueling years of continued education and hands-on training to maintain up-to-date methods.  Trust the professionals when it comes to the electricity in your home or office. 


Trust the certified electricians at Expert Air.  Keep your home safe and all your electricity functioning properly by calling Expert Air today.

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