Things to Consider for Chilled Water System

For any commercial company, regardless of size, overhead costs and safety are of the highest concern to be handled efficiently.  Chilled water systems come to mind here because your ac system is a must for comfort, productivity, and safety.  The pros and cons for a chilled water system will be discussed below, but what’s to be remembered is that overall, chilled water systems are cost effective avenues for cool temperatures that are also safe. Safe because having refrigerant piped all over your commercial building, has inherit hazards, and chilled water systems take that hazard out.



·         Energy Reduction and Lower Utility Bills – Compared to standard air cooled chiller/HVAC system

·         Noise Reduction – Extremely quiet choice, excellent in certain environments.  Water is not as susceptible to duct and vent expansion and contraction.

·         Healthier Option – water is non toxic and non corrosive, unlike your standard cooling systems that use refrigerant and other chemicals for operation

·         Safer Solution – again, no refrigerant piped hazard to be worried about

·         Longevity – Lasts longer than standard air cooled chiller alternative because water chilled is installed indoors and the alternative is outdoors, impacted by the elements.  Also alternative uses chemicals that the water chilled system doesn’t require



·         Higher Upfront Costs – All technology advanced equipment costs more upfront than the standard option. Also, more complex units tend to have higher labor costs due to specialized training.  It can pay for itself over time in a multitude of ways (think advantages)

·         Standard Maintenance Increase – More working parts means more chance of increased inspection, repair, and/or replacement of faulty parts. Water treatments will also be required.

·         Not as Effective in Humid Environments - Higher levels of humidity raise the wet-bulb temperature, which is an indicator of how efficiently water absorbs heat. This equates to higher operating costs.

Whether you are ready for your first water chilled system or need a repair or replacement to your already installed unit, the HVAC technicians at Expert Air are certified, knowledgeable, and professional.  For all your commercial needs, you can rely on Expert Air. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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Texas Heat and Common AC Problems


With summer temperatures shortly around the corner, now is the time to ensure you won’t run into ac problems.  We all know Texas heat gets brutal with high temperatures and high humidity, we take relief and comfort in relying heavily on proper functionality of our home AC and commercial HVAC systems. Proper maintenance is always important for functionality and longevity, but the ultimate test on your ac system occurs during summer time.  Be prepared and get inspected if you are uncertain. If you are already experiencing common AC problems, don’t prolong the issue and risk further damage.  You can contact Expert Air for inspections, AC repair, HVAC maintenance, and more.  We are your all-in-one company for all things A/C.

·         Uneven Cooling.

o   Cause - Obstructed airflow. Leaking ducts.

o   DIY Effort -  Windows closed and check that vents are open and unobstructed.

o   If above efforts are ineffective, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution to balance the system or repair the ductwork.

·         Constant Cycling.

o   Cause -  Obstructed airflow by dirt/debris

o   DIY Effort -  Clean condenser coil with proper grade condenser cleaner. Clean evaporator. Replace the air filter.

o   If above efforts are ineffective, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution.

·         Not Cooling.

o   Cause -  Faulty parts, blocked airflow, refrigerant leaks, and more

o   DIY Effort -  Lower temperature that’s set to cool.  Clean coils and evaporator.  Replace the air filter.

o   If above efforts are ineffective, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution.

·         Won’t Turn On.

o   Cause - Faulty contactor, tripped breakers, worn out parts, or user error

o   DIY Effort -  Thermostat set to cool, lower by several degrees. Check for tripped breakers or blown fuses.

o   If above efforts are ineffective, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution as all issues will require professional repair.

·         Constant Running.

o   Cause -  Faulty Contactor

o   DIY Effort - Not Advised

o   Contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and HVAC repair or replacement service.

·         Frost or Ice Inside Unit.

o   Cause – Faulty contactors and refrigerant leaks

o   DIY Effort -  Turn off unit. Listen for hissing or bubbling noise

o   If after turning unit off and back on a few minutes later doesn’t resolve issue, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution.

AC issues are always a problem, whether more of an annoyance or a major issue that can cause safety or health hazards.  If your ac issue isn’t listed here, be sure to check out our site for more common problems.  You can always contact Expert Air for assistance with any AC issue you have.  We are available 24-hours a day and 7-days a week. Let us keep you cool and comfortable.

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What You Should Do When the Power Goes Out

Power outages are inevitable and occur without notice.  Power outages often occur during bad storms or because something went wrong with your electricity. Usually the outage is simply an annoyance but can cause anxiety and worry.  What makes the difference for severity that impacts the emotional aspect? How you respond and react to the power outage in the beginning as well as how well you prepare prior to.

If you need help preparing for power outages, contact the certified electricians at Expert Air for all your electrical upgrades and any electrical repair services needed. Our electrical evaluation will let you know what needs to be done preemptively so that you aren’t reacting to a power outage.  Expert Air will help you get prepared.


·         FIND THE CULPRIT. Get informed. Information like what caused it, how long the outage will last.  Use the radio or a smartphone to research.

·         TURN OFF APPLIANCES. If the outage is from a storm, all power needs to be turned off for safety purposes.

·         KEEP THE OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE IN MIND. Long power outages mean you will be affected by the outside temperature, so bundle up if lows are cold and have as much (bottled) water as possible nearby if the highs mean it will hot.

·         WHEN OUTSIDE, AVOID STANDING WATER. Severe weather may cause downed power lines which can be hidden in any standing water.


·         INVEST IN SURGE PROTECTION. Look into whole home surge protection plans to protect against potential property damage caused by storms.

·         INVEST IN STANDBY GENERATORS. Whether automatic switch or portable, the unit will help with temperature control and food preservation. A big investment up front will pay itself off during a storm both in peace of mind, health, and safety.

·         INVEST IN FOOD AND WATER SUPPLY. Whether you opt to prepare before hurricane season, June to November, or you just want to have it on hand year-round, it’s best to have at least 3-4 days’ worth of food and water for each member of your family, pets included. One gallon of water per person per day, and canned or nonperishable food for each. If you can afford it and have space for it, a 6-12 week supply is the highest recommended amount for emergency preparation.

·         PREPARE AN EMERGENCY KIT. In addition to the food and water supply above, you will also want to have a first aid kit, flashlight, and a radio that can operate on battery or hand-cranked.

Whether you have been victim to severe storms causing long power outages or you want to ensure that if it happens you will be inconvenienced as little as possible, contact Expert Air for top of the line electrical protection, as well as repair and installation services.  We offer 24/7 emergency services, so if needed, we are here to help.

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DIY HVAC is Not Advised, Leave it to the Professionals


Spending money happens as automatically as breathing or blinking.  Almost everything we do today, from work to play and everything we need to get things done like cars, food, and air conditioning all cost money to maintain.  When the opportunity presents itself to save money by alternative methods, sometimes what saves money today costs more money tomorrow.  DIY projects come with a lot of inherit risk, so we discuss why hiring professional and certified HVAC technicians is the advisable route.  Expert Air HVAC technicians Houston will save you time, patience, and money from the start.


Certification and training are required for HVAC systems and home ac units due to the level of complexity and difficulty in handling.  Don’t be fooled by YouTube tutorials, this is one unit that is not an easy feat. One malfunction can lead to total system failure, for all components work together, so you need to be knowledgeable of the entire system and on an individual part level. The gamble in handling HVAC systems when not certified or truly knowledgeable is unsafe with highly dangerous results, and that far outweighs the cost savings. Those cost savings will wither away in repair, let alone if something more dangerous were to occur, like a gas leak or a fire!


One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to AC and HVAC systems.  Every model varies, and the route to repair is not paved the same.  Having the right tool matters, and you should know that the professional tools accessible to Expert Air HVAC technicians and certified AC technicians are not what you will find in your local tool shop.


When you are outside your depth completely or whether you are rusty by a decade or so, the learning curve for DIY projects in AC repair is highly time intensive. Trial and error is not something you want to chance when it comes to ac units.  The multitude of hours you will spend researching and hopefully learning prior to risking hands-on efforts, the professionals at Expert Air can have done in no time at all.  Remember all the time you are researching; your air conditioner isn’t working.  In Texas heat, those minutes and hours are precious for overall comfort, hours of heat take even more time to cool back down, so you are doubling the time of discomfort; which only adds to your frustration.  Add to everything, you have a higher chance of malfunction and a costlier repair if you attempt to repair your home ac unit yourself. 


Some smaller care for your air conditioning unit can be done by the owner, and below we list what those are, but remember, overall maintenance needs to be left to the professionals.  You wouldn’t want to tear your car apart and rebuild it on a whim, you would get educated on all the intricate details and have hands-on training; well your HVAC system maintenance should be considered in the same concept, don’t try to maintain your unit alone, rest easy knowing Expert Air technicians are certified and experienced, let our expertise keep you comfortable.

For the usual homeowner who doesn’t possess the skill set to safely and properly repair their home ac unit, what they can do themselves include the following DIY efforts:

1.       Change the Air Filter, monthly replacement is standard, but if you have a full house and animals, you may need to do this more frequently.

2.       Don’t Block the Vents, ensure curtains and furniture don’t block your vents, for they can stop cool air from reaching your rooms.

3.       Clear Exterior Unit of Debris, trash, branches, leaves all impact the effectiveness and potentially clog the unit causing functionality issues.

4.       Trim Nearby Plants, this helps lessen likelihood of debris; keep everything clear by 18-24 inches.

5.       Hose the Unit, with your regular garden hose, lightly spray the exterior of the unit to easily remove dirt and debris accumulation.

Perks of Relying on Expert Air:

1.       Lower Utility Bills

2.       Higher Efficiency

3.       Extended Life of HVAC System

4.       Early Problem Detection

5.       Fewer Emergency Scenarios

6.       More Bang for Your Buck

Remember, never try to do a repair that is outside your skill set, especially when it comes to ac repair Houston, for you can cause more extreme damage, cause yourself injury, and/or increase the risk for a fire or gas leak. Contact Expert Air today to schedule your estimate.

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Why Isn’t the AC Cooling

When your ac unit isn’t functioning properly, you’ll know right away, and it may be a big problem, especially in Texas. Our summers can get downright steamy, so hot you can fry an egg on the road. There are several things that could be wrong with your residential or commercial ac unit, and they all impact the energy bill, your comfort level physically, and your mental state, because who can work or relax when you’re feeling sticky from sweating inside. It’s also uncomfortable to go from one room to another and feel like you switched time zones in temperature levels, this too is an a/c issue. Whether you have ac questions or concerns, the certified technicians at Expert Air, are ready to bring the comfort of cool back to you today.

Below are some of the more common reasons for a/c issues:

  1. Insulation Installed Improperly
    • For inspection and to schedule proper insulation installation, contact Expert Air today.
  2. Condenser Unit Not Maintained
    • Ensure proper lawn maintenance surrounding unit. Keep an eye out for debris
  3. Thermostat Issues
    • For your thermostat repair, replacement, upgrades, and installations, contact us today.
  4. Airflow Insufficiency
    • Change out your air filter when needed, usually every 3-4 months
    • May need a duct cleaning or fan testing, contact Expert Air today to schedule.
  5. Electrical Issues
    • Check your breakers, flip them off and back on again
    • If that doesn’t work, contact the professional HVAC team at Expert Air
  6. Air Handler Frozen
    • Check behind your AC unit and inspect the evaporator coils
    • Frozen coils will cause the air to be hot, turn off unit for 24-hours to thaw
    • Once defrosted, check coils to see if they are dirty, clean if needed
    • HVAC service and cleaning may be required if above efforts were fruitless.
  7. Low Refrigerant
    • Required to produce cool air, just like in your car
    • Must hire a professional HVAC technician to install and dispose of used refrigerant.

If you are ready to have your air conditioning unit inspected, repaired, replaced, or installed in the Houston area or any of the surrounding cities that we provide expert service to, contact us today.

The Woodlands Office (281) 907-3887
Clear Lake Office (281) 709-4183
Magnolia Office (281) 766-9147
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Conroe Office (936) 228-9757
Humble/Kingwood Office (281) 713-4517
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