Texas Heat and Common AC Problems


With summer temperatures shortly around the corner, now is the time to ensure you won’t run into ac problems.  We all know Texas heat gets brutal with high temperatures and high humidity, we take relief and comfort in relying heavily on proper functionality of our home AC and commercial HVAC systems. Proper maintenance is always important for functionality and longevity, but the ultimate test on your ac system occurs during summer time.  Be prepared and get inspected if you are uncertain. If you are already experiencing common AC problems, don’t prolong the issue and risk further damage.  You can contact Expert Air for inspections, AC repair, HVAC maintenance, and more.  We are your all-in-one company for all things A/C.

·         Uneven Cooling.

o   Cause - Obstructed airflow. Leaking ducts.

o   DIY Effort -  Windows closed and check that vents are open and unobstructed.

o   If above efforts are ineffective, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution to balance the system or repair the ductwork.

·         Constant Cycling.

o   Cause -  Obstructed airflow by dirt/debris

o   DIY Effort -  Clean condenser coil with proper grade condenser cleaner. Clean evaporator. Replace the air filter.

o   If above efforts are ineffective, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution.

·         Not Cooling.

o   Cause -  Faulty parts, blocked airflow, refrigerant leaks, and more

o   DIY Effort -  Lower temperature that’s set to cool.  Clean coils and evaporator.  Replace the air filter.

o   If above efforts are ineffective, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution.

·         Won’t Turn On.

o   Cause - Faulty contactor, tripped breakers, worn out parts, or user error

o   DIY Effort -  Thermostat set to cool, lower by several degrees. Check for tripped breakers or blown fuses.

o   If above efforts are ineffective, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution as all issues will require professional repair.

·         Constant Running.

o   Cause -  Faulty Contactor

o   DIY Effort - Not Advised

o   Contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and HVAC repair or replacement service.

·         Frost or Ice Inside Unit.

o   Cause – Faulty contactors and refrigerant leaks

o   DIY Effort -  Turn off unit. Listen for hissing or bubbling noise

o   If after turning unit off and back on a few minutes later doesn’t resolve issue, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution.

AC issues are always a problem, whether more of an annoyance or a major issue that can cause safety or health hazards.  If your ac issue isn’t listed here, be sure to check out our site for more common problems.  You can always contact Expert Air for assistance with any AC issue you have.  We are available 24-hours a day and 7-days a week. Let us keep you cool and comfortable.

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Is it Time to Replace the AC Condenser?

As February rolls on, Texas weather will continue to fluctuate but ease into warmer temperatures. As the warmer conditions hit, you will want to start cranking on the air conditioner for relief from the heat. If your ac unit appears to not be functioning correctly, you may need to replace the ac condenser. Contact Expert Air today for a professional evaluation and solution that is best fitting your needs.

Purpose of the AC Condenser

This vital part takes the gas created from the air conditioner and converts it to a liquid form by cooling it down. The liquid version creates the refrigerant that your ac system needs to function properly. If this crucial part malfunctions, the entire AC system will malfunction. Ignoring this issue can lead to very expensive replacement.

Causes of a Malfunctioning AC Condenser

  1. Blockage or leak
    1. Faulty tubes or seals will cause leaks
    2. Can occur over time or from a puncture or rupture
    3. Blockage from external debris but most likely from metal particles flaking off the condenser itself
    4. Blockage occurs usually from age or poor maintenance
  2. Dirty components and/or bad run capacitor
    1. Outside elements like grass can dirty your components. Clean the area surrounding your ac unit regularly to avoid this
  3. Faulty control board
    1. The control center of all component communication. When this is bad, the system won’t work correctly
  4. Motor has been burned
    1. Occurs gradually and is usually caused by stress on the unit and/or poor maintenance
  5. Blockage can mean multiple surrounding AC components will also need to be replace
  6. Have your AC system inspection by the professional technicians at Expert Air

Repair or Replace

  1. Repair if it’s a dirty condenser, bad run capacitor, bad switch, faulty control board, or burnt motor
  2. Replace when there are leaks, blockage, or the system age. Because ac systems have advances in technology every few years, sometimes it is more cost effective to replace with a newer model over repairing the current one.
  3. Have the professionals at Expert Air evaluate to determine the true extent of damage and the most advisable route
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AC Capacitors Not Working & What It Means

For the ultimate comfort today, we rely heavily on electrical systems and electricity. Reliable electricity is required but your systems must be functioning correctly to be effective. When your capacitor goes out in your ac system, you aren’t feeling that beautiful breeze. Your air conditioning system is as complex as a car in that many components work in conjunction. From the smallest of issues to major haywire conditions, contact the professionals at Expert Air to repair or replace your ac units.

A major component of your air conditioning unit is the capacitor. They are so crucial, that without them, the motors connected to the fans and compressor wouldn’t work. Without getting thorough training on all the intricate details of the product, here’s an abbreviated lesson on Capacitors.

What Are Capacitors?

  1. They are small components that store energy.
  2. Attached to motors, they send a jolt of energy to kick start the motor
  3. They also send a series of jolts to the motor to keep it running
  4. The AC has 3 motors: Compressor, Blower, and Outside Fan
  5. Your capacitors energize them all

Why Failing Capacitors Matter…

  1. Regular wear and tear is inevitable in all parts, and over time the capacitors will lose their charge
  2. The beginning failure is notable by the “clicking sound”
  3. Call Expert Air for repair at this stage, before one of those 3 motors goes out completely
  4. “Humming Sound” indicates run/start capacitor(s) has gone out
  5. Repair before entire system goes out and requires replacement over repair
  6. “Hard Starting” means the compressor motor has gone out
  7. “Hard Starting” is when the AC struggles to start then shuts off shortly after. This is extreme strain on the system. Immediate professional assistance needed.

Replacing capacitors is not a do-it-yourself job, for the oil that can spill from the system is dangerous to handle. Contact Expert Air today to schedule your repair or replacement. Remember, regular maintenance will often help in avoiding majoring repairs and replacements. Expert Air has a great maintenance program that saves you money, time, and worries.

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Winter Affects HVAC Operations

When you least expect it, HVAC issues can occur when you do not regularly maintain your equipment, or you opt to skip on an annual HVAC inspection by the professionals at Expert Air. HVAC repairs can be costly, and it only takes one or two repairs to see the benefit in regularly scheduled inspections by certified technicians. Consider the perks of maintenance programs, like ours, click here.

Some common HVAC issues include:

  1. Faulty Thermostat Readings
    1. Feel like the thermostat isn’t displaying the right temperature
    2. Thermostat placement may need to be changed
    3. Thermostat upgrade may be needed
    4. Thermostat repair may be an option
  2. Inconsistent Room Temperature Setting
    1. Causing discomfort and increased energy bills
    2. Culprit could be debris, rectified by a proper cleaning and filter replacement
    3. Potentially major HVAC issue
  3. Frozen Evaporator Coils
    1. Likely the airways are clogged or too low of temperature setting on unit
    2. We advise not setting the temperature below 60 degrees
    3. You need an inspection done immediately


HVAC Tips for Texas Winter

  1. Clean the Furnace Air Ducts
    1. Year-round contents in the air clog the air duct – dirt, pollen, smoke, pet dander
    2. Cleaning or replacing every 6-months is best in Texas
  2. Replace Parts on Unit that are Worn-Out
    1. Proper inspection is needed if unit is 5+ - years old
    2. Schedule inspection if you have the following issues
      1. AC not blowing cold air
      2. Heater not blowing hot hair
      3. Furnace is loud
      4. Power issues are observed
  3. HVAC System Upgrade
    1. Newer models are energy efficient
    2. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating) models are best
  4. Clear Debris Around HVAC System
    1. Leaves and yard debris should be kept clear of HVAC system
    2. Leaving unclear will lead to bacteria and mold build up that gets into your system and in the air you breath
  5. Schedule Routine Maintenance with Expert Air
    1. From routine maintenance to unplanned inspections, repairs, and installations, the certified technicians at Expert Air, are ready to help
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While the residential sector makes up a large part of our business, Expert Air is also happy to handle any light commercial HVAC services that our clients in the Houston, TX area may require. Considering how intensely hot the summer weather is in this part of the country, as well as how long the summer tends to stick around, it should come as no surprise to learn that commercial air conditioning service calls are not at all uncommon. Commercial air conditioning systems are large and complex, even when compared to the large and complex systems that so many have installed in their homes.

While you are certainly not qualified to handle repairs on your own, there are some warning signs that you may notice which can indicate the need for repairs. Contact us as soon as you suspect that commercial AC repairs are necessary in your property.

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