Talk of Radiant Barriers

The importance and impact of radiant barriers can be seen by evaluating your utility bills before and after the installation. If you are considering installing radiant barriers so you too can experience the cost savings, contact Expert Air today to schedule your evaluation, professional installation, or to have any questions answered.

Simply put, the hotter the temperatures, the more effective the radiant barrier. You can save 5-17% on cooling bills by investing in radiant barriers. Over time, the effect the radiant barrier has, pays for itself in overall cost savings. You will basically be paying yourself to be more comfortable.

What is a Radiant Barrier

How the radiant barrier works is simple physics. It’s made of an aluminum surface that reflects heat back to where it originated. From the sun to beating down on your roof, the heat seeps through the surface into the attic, which works into the rest of the house, creating more need and overhaul on the air conditioning system. The radiant barrier reflects the heat from the roof back to the sun, thus not allowing the same intensity of heat to penetrate the roof

Another cost saving of the radiant barrier is the impact saved on the air conditioning unit. Again, no radiant barrier means more heat in your home or business, and the ac unit runs more to compensate, but with a radiant barrier, the ac unit doesn’t have to work as hard or as often.  Less wear and tear on the ac unit means more savings long-term for the consumer.

A note to remember when considering investing in a radiant barrier is that it MUST be installed correctly to be effective, so before you attempt to do-it-yourself, consider what a waste it would be if you did it wrong. Worry not about installation by trusting the certified technicians at Expert Air.

The Heat Levels

Although there is currently not a standardized industry test for radiant barriers, there is a multitude of field studies that have similar results that show 16-42% reduction in ceiling heat in attic when comparing attics with R-19 insulation with a radiant barrier versus the same insulation with no installed radiant barrier. Attic heat represents approximately 15-25% of the total cooling load on the house.


In Texas, where we have plenty of intense heat majority of the year, placing the extra protection against thermal radiation is one of the best ways to keep heat out of your home. The radiant barrier is an excellent addition to your home insulation. Radiant barriers offers cost-savings for residential and commercial consumers.

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Having good insulation in your home is necessary for energy efficiency. In Texas, our summers are long and hot, and can reach consistent daytime temperatures over 100 degrees; this means your attic space can reach temperatures over 150 degrees from both the heat of the sun on your roof. Insulation in your walls, ceilings and attic help slow the transfer of heat into your home during the summer, but radiant heat can be hard to block. This is where the installation of a radiant barrier in Houston can be very helpful. However, for any kind of insulation to be effective, it’s important to have it properly installed. The NATE-certified technicians at Expert Air, Inc., can help you with all your insulation needs.

What Is a Radiant Barrier?

A radiant barrier is a type of hard-board insulation installed either just under your roof or against the walls of your attic space. The boards used are plywood or OSB boards with reflective aluminum sheathing on one side. When installed, the sheathing faces the interior of your home.

How Is a Radiant Barrier Different?

The job of your home’s insulation is to slow the transfer of heat – all kinds of heat. A radiant barrier’s job is to slow radiant heat – a specific heat that isn’t blocked as well by the insulation in your walls or ceiling. Radiant heat travels in a straight line away from any surface and heats anything solid that absorbs its energy. The best way to reduce this heat is to deflect it with a reflective surface, like the one described above. It is estimated that a radiant barrier can reflect up to 90% of the radiant heat that hits the barrier.

Benefits of a Radiant Barrier

There are several important benefits to installing a radiant barrier:

  • Can help reduce cooling (and heating) costs
  • Reduces the stress on your air conditioning system
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Increases indoor comfort

A radiant barrier in Houston can be an important tool in achieving the energy efficiency you want for your home.

Interested to know what a radiant barrier can do for your home? Call the professionals at Expert Air today and schedule an appointment.

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