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There is no denying just how popular forced air heating systems are, from both gas and electric furnaces to very efficient air and ground-source heat pumps. Make no mistake about it. A forced air heating system can keep you comfortable in an affordable and effective manner. That doesn’t mean that forced air heating is perfect, though.

Like anything else, forced air heating systems have both their pros and cons. Determining if forced air heating is right for you demands that you consider them all, and choose your system carefully. Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding the use of forced air heating in Houston, TX.

The Good

When it comes to prompt heating, forced air heating systems really are at the top of the list. There are plenty of reasons to consider radiant heating, of course, and many homeowners prefer the even, comfortable heat that they generate. However, they simply take longer to bring temperatures up than forced air heating systems do. Heating air directly and circulating that warm air throughout the house allows homeowners to heat their homes swiftly.

Additionally, forced air heaters tend to be more affordable than radiant systems, and they also feature an easier installation process. This is especially true if you, like most other homeowners in our area, already use a central air conditioning system. If so, a furnace can share those very same air ducts. Not to mention, a heat pump can handle both your heating and cooling needs, in one convenient system!

Potential Drawbacks

When you use air ducts in order to distribute heat throughout your home, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. First of all, keep in mind that leaky ductwork is one of the leading causes of energy inefficiency. The good news is that a well-designed system and professional duct repair/sealing services can resolve the problem. However, it often takes homeowners a while to realize that there is a problem to begin with, and they wind up wasting energy in the meantime.

Plus, leaky ductwork can introduce pollutants to the air ducts, which can then spread those pollutants throughout the house. The air blowing out of the vents can also stir up pollutants that have settled in your home. These problems can negatively affect indoor air quality.

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