Your air conditioner and heating system contains an air filter which helps to filter pollutants out of the air you breathe. Air is sucked into the AC system from your home before it is conditioned so that your air conditioner is not damaged and to make the air that comes out a little bit cleaner. But this filter cannot eliminate every contaminant from your air. An additional indoor air quality system is necessary when members of your family are affected by the dirty air, such as UV germicidal lights.


Indoor air quality products help to eliminate additional smaller particles that sometimes make their way into the ducts. Or in some cases, they eliminate only a certain type of contaminant. This is true of UV germicidal lights, which kill microorganisms which cause adverse health effects when inhaled. This includes bacteria and viruses which are known to aggravate the sinuses, cause illness, and irritate allergies or asthma.


UV germicidal lights differ from other indoor air quality products in that they specifically target biological contaminants. UV light kills small organic matter. While you may go unharmed laying out in the sun for 30 minutes, small organic matter like bacteria can be killed instantly. One portion of your home that could contain bacteria is the indoor air handler, since condensation collects on your indoor air handler during the cooling process. The UV germicidal lights are installed at the air handler to eliminate living organisms already present or those moving through the ducts.


If you need a new IAQ system then you should first discuss your needs with a professional. Air purification systems are certainly not all alike and you may need a different type of indoor air quality system depending on the conditions in your home. UV germicidal lights are usually recommended for those with severe allergies, asthma, or compromised immune systems.


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UV germicidal lights are not right for every home, and another type of air purification system may work better for you. Seek out our services to determine the best solution for your home in Crosby, TX.