Your air conditioner is a vital part of your home during the long, hot cooling season. Any problems with its operation can have a seriously negative impact on the comfort in your home. Do not convince yourself that any issue you encounter with your air conditioning system is too “minor” to justify the evaluation and service of a professional Houston air conditioning repair technician. Even seemingly inconsequential problems, such as strange odors emanating from your AC during operation, can signify a more serious problem in the works. Don’t take any unnecessary chances with the condition of your air conditioning system. Prompt repair service is the most effective kind.

If your air conditioning smells strange during operation, pollutants and microorganisms in your ductwork may be to blame. There are a number of reasons that your air ducts may be polluted, including the promotion of biological pollutants and vermin infestations. Having your air ducts professionally sealed can help to keep such pollutants and vermin out of your ductwork, minimizing odors emanating from them. Not only can duct sealing and UV germicidal lights help to deal with AC odors, but they can also help to boost indoor air quality by resolving airborne and biological pollutant issues. Call today to learn more about these products and services.

You can also often trace air conditioning odors back to the air filter in your air conditioning system. When your air filter becomes wet for any reason, that dampness can cause it to give the air traveling through an unpleasant, must odor. There are a few reasons why your air filter may be wet. It could be that condensation within the unit is dripping onto it. It is also possible that ice has developed somewhere in the system, which is a sign that there is a bigger problem somewhere. Whatever the cause of your air filter issues, we can find the necessary solution.

For more information about why your air conditioner is producing strange odors, call the professional air conditioning repair technicians at Expert Air. We are happy to answer whatever questions you may have.

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