Do you have trouble maintaining even, comfortable temperatures throughout your home? If so, you need to have the problem resolved before the chilliest weather of the year hits. Not only is your comfort at risk, but the efficiency with which your HVAC system operates, as well.

The good news is that our heating professionals can figure out precisely what is causing your uneven heating in Houston, TX. Once we have, we can go about resolving the issue in most cases. Call today, and get the great heating performance that you deserve.

Zoning Problems

If your boiler system is zoned, or if you have a zoned forced air heating system, the problem may be with the zoning equipment itself. The solutions to the problem will vary. With a forced air heating system or a boiler system, faulty thermostats could be to blame. If you use a forced air system, you could also have an issue with unresponsive damper in your ductwork. If you use a hydronic heating system, though, you could potentially have a leak in your heat distribution system. If this is the case, you really need to have the problem resolved immediately. Typically, forced air systems are more likely to encounter problems with cold spots.

Subpar Insulation

The insulation in your walls and in your attic is there to prevent unwanted heat transfer. If you experience hot spots during the summer season along with cold spots in the winter — especially if these problems develop in the same spots — it is very likely that you are dealing with subpar insulation. We can replace insulation that is not of the right R-value or that has been compromised by pests.

Poor Maintenance

If your heater is not well-maintained, it is not going to function at peak performance levels. This is just a fact. Problems resulting from subpar maintenance can manifest in a few different ways, including with uneven heating. That is just one of many reasons why scheduling professional heating maintenance is so important.

Let Expert Air Cooling And Heating help you to make your heating experience a success!

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A lot of homeowners use forced air heating systems, like heat pumps or furnaces, in order to heat their homes. This means that they also use air ducts in order to distribute heated air throughout those homes. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so, using ductwork can create the opportunity for certain heating problems to strike.

Properly designed and installed air ducts can limit this risk, but will not eliminate it entirely. Eliminating the need for ductwork entirely will, though. That is why you may want to consider ductless heating in Houston, TX.

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