Insulation isn’t only a tool for the winter and staying warm: it’s also an important part of maintaining energy efficiency and comfort during the summer. In a state that can get as hot as Texas during the summer months, a strong insulation barrier against the intrusion of heat into your home is necessary to keep your living spaces from growing unnecessarily hot.

The thing about insulation to keep in mind is that it is a thermal barrier. It blocks the movement of heat through convection (through the air) and conduction (through contact), and this applies to hot and cold weather. During the winter, insulation traps heat inside your home, and during the summer, insulation blocks heat from entering your home.

When you need insulation in Deer Park, TX for your residence this summer, call Expert Air Co. We not only offer blown-in and attic insulation to help keep you cool, but we also install radiant barriers that can handle stopping the movement of heat through radiation as well.

Here are two reasons to add more insulation to your home for the summer:

1. Increased comfort

The summers in Texas can reach brutal heat levels at times, and that outside temperature will hammer down on your home and seek any way inside that it can find. The attic is especially vulnerable, where the radiant sunlight can turn the attic into an oven with temperatures that climb above 130°F! Without effective attic insulation along the floor, or a radiant barrier in the roof to turn the heat away in the first place, this massive heat sink will seep down into the living spaces, and can easily elevate the temperature by 10°F or more. Combined with heat entering from other places due to insufficient or absent insulation, this can make a home extremely uncomfortable. An excellent thermal barrier will keep a home’s temperature down to a reasonable level.

2. Increased energy savings

Running an air conditioner uses a large amount of electrical power, and during the summer days it will feel as if you have to have an AC running constantly. However, insulation will take the strain off your air conditioner and help you save money. This not only means reduced utility bills, but fewer repair needs for an overworked air conditioning system. If you can just eliminate the 10°F bump because of heat leaking from the attic, you can cut down on air conditioner use by a third.

Our technicians can note where you need blown-in insulation or radiant barriers to help you maintain a barricade between you and the Texas heat this summer and for many summers afterwards.

To find out where you can have improved insulation put in to increase comfort and energy savings, contact our specialists in insulation in Deer Park, TX.

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You are sitting at home on a warm summer day, reading a book. The familiar hum of your air conditioner comes on, signaling that the temperature has reached a high enough level that the thermostat recognizes it’s time to cool down. However, only a few minutes later, the compressor’s pleasant white noise hum stops. You make a note of it, and go back to reading. But only a few minutes later, the compressor comes back on… and turns right off again. You note this, and soon realize that the AC turning on and off is constantly punctuating your reading. Also, you don’t feel cooled down. What’s happening?

This is “rapid cycling,” sometimes called “short cycling,” and it’s a serious issue with your air conditioner. If it continues, it will drain massive amounts of power and cause the AC to wear down early and need replacement.

Call for air conditioning repair in Kingwood, TX from Expert Air Co right away to investigate rapid cycling and find a solution to it.

Why does this happen? Here are 3 common possibilities

1. Thermostat malfunction: Your thermostat serves as a switch that turns the AC on and off depending on the temperature. If the thermostat develops a miscalibration that incorrectly reads the indoor temperature, it could cause the air conditioner’s compressor to turn on and off rapidly. This is an easy fix for technicians, although you may wish to consider replacing the current thermostat with an updated model.

2. Compressor trouble: The issue may originate from the compressor itself, which does the job of pumping the refrigerant through the system by putting it under pressure. If the compressor is undergoing too much stress, it could start shutting off early. Compressor trouble must be fixed early, or the component could fail… and that usually means the whole air conditioner needs replacement.

3. Incorrectly sized AC: This is the most drastic problem, because typically the only way to fix it is to replace the unit. If your air conditioner has always rapid-cycled from the start of installation, it’s likely that you had amateur or sloppy air conditioning installation work done that put in a system too large for your home. An overlarge AC will lower the temperature so fast that it will turn off soon after starting. Call in experts to look at the air conditioner and see if it is salvageable or it a new unit should replace it.

The last point is a good reminder that you should always have professionals handle your HVAC system installations. They should also handle any needs you have for air conditioning repair in Kingwood, TX, whatever they are.

The technicians at Expert Air Co are ready 24 hours a day to provide you with the repair work you need. Don’t ignore that rapid-cycling air conditioner in your home—call on us!

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