We are officially in the season of heating, but before long it will be warm again in our area of the country, and staving off the heat is more of a challenge for us than staving off the cold. Proper insulation is important for both heating and cooling, as well as overall energy efficiency, including the installation of a radiant barrier. Radiant barriers in Baytown, TX, can, and should, be part of your attic insulation, but they can often be overlooked. This is unfortunate, because according to Energy.gov, the installation of a radiant barrier can save anywhere from 5-10% in heating costs every year. What is a radiant barrier? We’ll explain more below.

What Is a Radiant Barrier?

A radiant barrier is a hard insulation barrier placed specifically in your attic space with the job of reflecting out the radiant heat that your roof is prone to from direct sunlight. Attic spaces can reach temperatures in excess of 150 degrees during the summer, and a radiant barrier working in combination with good insulation can significantly reduce this heat level. The materials used for radiant barriers are typically OSB boards or plywood (materials can also be batt insulation with reflective foil on one side) with a highly reflective side; the boards are installed perpendicular to the incoming radiant energy. To be fully effective, radiant barriers need at least ¾” of air space between it and the roofing so that the foil can reflect back the radiant heat instead of absorbing it into the board’s material.

Why Install a Radiant Barrier?

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider the installation of a radiant barrier:

  • Better energy efficiency – warm air will always move toward cool air; as such, warm attic air will always try to make its way to the cooler air of your home. With a radiant barrier, you can significantly reduce the amount of warm air in your attic, which helps reduce the amount of warm air trying to make its way into your home. The result is that your AC has less work to do, which results in better energy efficiency.
  • Increases comfort levels – when your AC doesn’t have to fight off extra heat from your attic space, your comfort levels can increase.
  • Helps reduce stress on your AC – less work for your AC also means less stress on it.

If you think your home in Baytown, TX, can benefit from a radiant barrier, contact Expert Air today!