Replacing a central heating system in a home is a large undertaking, and one that many homeowners try to put off as long as possible. They let an aging heater limp along until it expires—and this isn’t the optimal time for a replacement. You should instead schedule heating replacement earlier and take advantage of the ways a new heater can improve your life right away.

Expert Air Cooling and Heating knows what a replacement heater can do for you, since we’ve installed them for over four decades. Here are a few of the ways your life will improve with a new heater installed:

  • Energy savings: One of the most notable changes you encounter with a new heater is a reduction of the cost of heating your home. If your current heater is near, at, or beyond its manufacturer’s life expectancy, it will probably run at reduced efficiency because of age, costing you more on your heating bills. You new heater will not be fresh and at peak operating efficiency, but it will also have technological improvements that make it less expensive to turn. For example, old furnaces often had AFUE ratings of 60%-70%. Current ones can go up to 98%.
  • Reduction in repair needs: An older heater will need more and more repairs to keep it operating. Most of those will vanish with a replacement heater, and will stay that way as long as you keep up regular maintenance.
  • Quieter operation: An older heater will often become louder when it works. New heaters will be quieter, and many of them are designed with advances air handlers that operate quieter than the sound from a dishwasher.
  • Peace of mind: An intangible quality… but perhaps the best one. If you replace an old heater with operating problems, you’ll no longer have the same worries that your heater might shut down when you most need it. During colder weather, you’ll have the assurance that your heater will make it through no matter the temperature.


If you have a heater that’s costing too much run, is making strange noises, needs continual repairs, or is over 20 years old, it’s probably time to schedule a heating replacement in Kingwood, TX. For the finest installation services, look to the company with 40 years of experience: Expert Air Cooling and Heating. We’ll find the right heater for your home and install it so it will keep you and your family happy for many years. Give us a call today if your heater is long overdue for a replacement, or if you’re in need of other heating and air conditioning repair work in Kingwood, TX.