If you’re in the market for a Baytown, TX air conditioning company to handle your maintenance, repair, or installation needs, you shouldn’t simply punch keywords into a search engine and pick any company that pops up. Hiring inexperienced or amateur technicians can lead to costly issues. Poorly done repairs can end up causing more damage to your system, a new AC that’s improperly installed won’t perform the job it’s supposed to, and slapdash maintenance checks will fail to catch malfunctions before they cause trouble. You also want to avoid dealing with a company that frequently runs late, displays unprofessional behavior during visits, or who are hard to get a hold of.

So what makes for a great company? These are the signs to look for when you want a top-tier air conditioning company, courtesy of Expert Air:

NATE-certification: NATE stands for North American Technical Excellence. This certification program has industry-wide support and recognizes superior quality in an HVAC technician. A great company will have a staff of NATE-certified employees who have the know-how to tackle any job.

Longevity: A company with many years of service to the community is probably doing something right. Any company that has been around long enough will pick up experience that can’t be taught, and its staff will be familiar with developments in HVAC technology.

24/7 emergency service: Air conditioners won’t always pick a convenient time to malfunction or break down. When you need immediate service, you want a company that is ready to answer your call. Make sure you pick an AC company that offers around-the-clock, around-the-calendar service.

A satisfaction guarantee: If a company offers an upfront guarantee of 100% satisfaction or your money back, it’s a strong sign of confidence in the work they provide.

Expert Air has been in business for over forty years. Our technicians have NATE-certification and provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our slogan is, “100% Right or It’s 100% free,” and we stand behind that guarantee. When you need a Baytown, TX air conditioning company that meets all your quality needs, place us at the top of your list.

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During the Baytown, TX spring and summer, air conditioning is a marvel of engineering. Crisp, cool air delivered right into your home just by the press of a button. Because the design of AC systems are so user friendly, it’s no wonder that you might be hard-pressed to articulate exactly how that cool air actually happens within your AC unit. While you should replace your air filter and keep your units clear or dirt and debris, beyond that, a technician’s level of knowledge and experience is required to work on the intricacies of the cooling cycle. Let’s go over how your air conditioning works. Call the Baytown, TX air conditioning professionals at Expert Air for quality AC services.

Let’s begin by considering the major components: compressor, condenser coils, expansion valve, evaporator coils, and air handler. The most important ingredient of the refrigerant cycle, however, is the refrigerant itself, a chemical designed to produce radical changes in temperature and fluctuation. The compressor is the engine of the refrigerant cycle. It takes the low pressure gas from the evaporator coil and compresses it into a high pressure, high temperature gas. It does this so that the thermal energy of the refrigerant will be higher than even the hottest outdoor temperature, making sure that the heat dissipates through the condenser coils as an exhaust fan sends air through the outdoor unit.

The condensed refrigerant then becomes cool liquid by entering through the expansion valve, which depressurizes the refrigerant and sends it inside. When this liquid reaches the indoor evaporator coil, it interacts with the warm indoor air extracted by the air handler. This interaction causes the refrigerant to evaporate (hence the name), and it cools the air, so that the indoor air handler can then send it back through the ductwork to be circulated throughout your home. The gas refrigerant then heads to the compressor for another round. That’s the refrigerant cycle, in short.

For more information about your Baytown air conditioning and how to improve its performance and energy efficiency, contact the technicians at Expert Air today!

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