Getting the most efficiency from the heating in your home can involve a number of different factors. You can install a precision digital programmable thermostat, have regular maintenance done on your heater, schedule duct cleaning, or completely upgrade your heating system to a new one that uses less energy.

All of these are good ideas to increase heating efficiency. But we want to address a particular method, one that will also help you with efficient cooling during the summer: improving your insulation with a total radiant barrier. What is that, exactly? We’ll explain, and show how you can benefit from a radiant barrier in La Porte, TX. If you have more questions, or want help with your insulation, contact Expert Air today.


Technically, all insulation is a barrier: it prevents the movement of heat. However, standard insulation, such as blown-in insulation and traditional rolls and batts, provide insulation against only two of the ways that heat moves: convection (movement through liquid and gas) and conduction (transfer between objects). Heat moves in a third way, radiation, which is the movement of heat through electromagnetic waves. For example, if you stand near a black stone that is sitting in direct sunlight, you will feel radiant heat coming from it.

Radiant barriers are reflective material that installers place over the substrate of your roof or attic. These are places where the warmth from the sun can enter your home through radiant heating. However, radiant barriers also work during the winter time to keep heat trapped, since they reflect back heat that is trying to escape your home. The best insulation should perform the task of keeping you both cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Installing a radiant barrier means you’ll have extra protection from the heavy Texas sun during the coming summer as well as more efficient heating during the winter.


In general, you want the insulation in your home to keep a tight seal on heat, whether on the outside for the summer or inside for the winter. Expert Air specializes in insulation installation, and can assist you with providing your home extra efficiency with a radiant barrier – call us for your insulation needs in La Porte, TX. Remember, at Expert Air, “It’s 100% Right or It’s 100% Free”!

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Traditional furnaces have been a mainstay in Texas homes for many years, using a centralized system to distribute hot air through a series of ducts. They do their work simply and efficiently, but at the same time, they’re not the only options out there. Here in La Porte TX, heating replacement services can install multiple different types of heaters, increasing your choices for home heating. If you find yourself saying “I’ve had a furnace for years and want to switch; what are my options?” it pays to look into those options in depth before making a decision.

One of the more popular options for this part of the country is a heat pump, which combines the features of a heater and an air conditioner into a single unit. In the summertime, it releases heat into the outside air and cools the air inside the home. In the winter, it reverses the process, using the same system to warm the inside air and release cool air outside. Heat pumps work particularly well in parts of the world with comparatively mild winters, like here in Texas. In those cases where the temperature drops below levels where the heat pump can operate on its own, you can add a small auxiliary heater to make up the difference. Either way, heat pumps use less energy than standard gas furnaces, and as such can save you money in monthly heating bills.

Another potential option is a geothermal system, which draws on the ambient temperature of the earth to heat your home. The temperature inside the ground doesn’t change no matter what the temperature is in the air. A geothermal system runs tubes filled with fluid through the earth, which facilitates a heat exchange and warms your home in the process. They require a fairly substantial installation effort, but like heat pumps, they use much less energy than gas furnaces on a month to month basis.

No matter what your proclivities are, however, it pays to speak to an expert first. In La Porte, TX, heating replacement services are provided by Expert Air. We can help you answer the question “I’ve had a furnace for years and want to switch; what are my options?” Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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