Geothermal systems serve as an attractive alternative to traditional gas or electric heaters. They draw upon the internal temperature of the ground itself, which stays fairly constant no matter how hot or cold the air above gets. That makes them very cost-effective, provided cheap heat for your home regardless of the weather outside. In towns like The Woodlands TX, geothermal systems make a lot of sense, provided you’re able to accept the up-front cost. How do geothermal systems work? The specific vary slightly by make and model, but the general workings as the same.

The system starts with a series of tubes, buried under the ground, then brings it back to your home to heat the air. In the summer, it pulls heat from your home, then releases it into the ground. Either way, the constant temperature makes the transfer process fairly easy, and results in a very cost-effective way to condition the air in your home.

Ideally, the tubes comprise a closed loop system, and are spread across a wide horizontal field. That makes it easier for a maintenance service to get at them in case of trouble and generally is more efficient, though it takes a great deal of land space to use. Vertical systems bury the tubes down a series of deep shafts, which use less space, but make it harder to access. In some cases, the tubes can be placed in a pond or similar body of water: inexpensive and easy to maintain, provided the conditions are right. A pond can also facilitate an open-loop system, which draws upon the water of the pond itself to serve as the heat exchange medium (returning the water to the pond once it’s done).

Regardless of the type of geothermal system, you need a professional to discuss your options with you. Expert Air offers geothermal heating services in The Woodlands, TX, and we can answer any questions along the “how do geothermal systems work” line before preparing an installation and maintenance plan that works for you. There are many advantages to geothermal heating. If it fits for your property, the option is well worth exploring. Give us a call today and let us help!

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If you turn on your air conditioner and nothing happens, it could potentially mean you’re dealing with a rather serious issue. After you quickly eliminate simple causes—such as a loose wall plug, an incorrectly set thermostat, or a triggered circuit breaker—you need to call on professional HVAC technicians to look at your AC unit and discover what’s causing the problem. Don’t simply wait and hope that an hour later you can try again and your air conditioner will spring back to life. To avoid getting stuck in the Texas heat with a busted AC, call the professionals at Expert Air.

In The Woodlands, TX, our air conditioning technicians are available 24/7 to help you.


Failed Capacitor: This device, approximately the shape of a can of soda, is responsible for delivering an electrical charge to the AC motors each time you turn your air conditioning on. If this important catalyst isn’t working, then the crucial motors in your air conditioning system can’t function to provide you with cool air.

Problems with the motors: Even if the motors are getting the charge from the capacitor, they may have their own issues. Your AC has three different motors that do the work of removing heat from your home to cool it down: two fan motors and a compressor motor. If any of these fail, the air conditioner will not work.

Thermostat issues: The thermostat is how you control your AC. If it fails to work properly, it can trigger a number of troubles that will cause your air conditioner to not run at all. If the thermostat is incorrectly calibrated, it may think that the AC doesn’t need to turn on. An electrical malfunction can also prevent the thermostat from activating your system, so no matter how you set it, your AC won’t do anything.

It will probably be difficult for you to diagnose the particular culprit behind your air conditioning failure, which is why you need to call in trained help as soon as you can. Our NATE-certified technicians at Expert Air are ready to assist you when an emergency strikes, like a non-starting air conditioner.

We provide superb air conditioning service throughout The Woodlands, TX.

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