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Furnace repairs always seem to occur when you need your furnace to be working. Don't let the inconvenience of repair get you down, Expert Air has certified NATE-technicians ready to repair your furnace, no matter the time of day. We provide service for all types of furnaces, electric, duel fuel, gas, boiler, oil, or heat pump.

Don't ignore malfunctioning heating. Beyond uncomfortable, your home can become unsafe in colder temperatures. A properly functioning heating system is a must. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  1. Furnace does not turn on
  2. Furnace turns on but does not blow air
  3. Furnace is working but the air is not as hot as it used to be
  4. You can feel uneven temperatures in different areas
  5. The energy bill is still rising, even though you decreased the furnace usage
  6. Furnace keeps turning on and off
  7. Furnace is making odd noises
  8. You smell gassy smell emitting from the furnace

If you experience any of the red flag warnings above, contact us today. Expert Air NATE-certified technicians repair all major brands and types of furnaces. We will get you back to warm and toasty as soon as possible.

Expert Air offers certified maintenance and repair...
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