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Expert Air offers certified maintenance and repair services on all major brands, residential and HVAC.

For all business owners, ensuring that your operations equipment is functional and serviced on time can be the difference between success and failure. Did you also know that routine HVAC maintenance can save you money each month on your electricity bills – thus reducing your monthly overhead; this is why we also offer HVAC maintenance programs to keep your system running for years to come.

Save on system maintenance with our annual service agreements! When you enter a service agreement, Expert Air comes on-site twice per year with 2-year parts warranty on all repairs we make! Our maintenance program has many perks, a few are:

  • Reduced System Breakdowns
  • Extended appointment times to fit YOUR schedule & 24/7 emergency service availability
  • 100% discount on service fees
  • Plus many more great deals included

Regular maintenance appointments are just as vital and done just as comprehensively as our repairs and installations. The plus of the maintenance program is that besides the perks of the program itself, there are long-term benefits with consistent check-ups.

Fewer Breakdowns

over 40% of air conditioning breakdowns are caused because of lack of maintenance. Once dirt gets into the system, parts are more likely to rust and get ruined. By staying on top of HVAC maintenance, you can find problems before they arise.

Lower Utility Bills

simple procedures such as changing an air filter or cleaning a coil allows the unit to run much more smoothly. When your air conditioner runs smoothly, it uses less energy. Using less energy saves you a tremendous amount on your utility bill.

with a 16-point inspection that includes:

  1. Condenser Coil - Cleaned as Needed
  2. Refrigerant Charge (Thermocharging)
  3. Test & Inspect Safeties and Controls
  4. Inspect & Clean Relays & Contactors
  5. Operational Testing of Crankcase Heater
  6. Unit Wiring Inspected & Tightened (as needed)
  7. Record Temperature & Pressure Rating
  8. Test Capcitors
  9. Test Unit Disconnect
  10. Apply Lubrication to Motors and Bearings
  11. Inspect Pulleys & Belts and Adjust (as needed)
  12. Check Condensate Drain
  13. Replace Air Filter (if requested)
  14. Voltage & Amp Checked and Recorded
  15. Check & Calibrate Thermostat
  16. Inspected & Cleaned Motors

Check out our full maintenance package benefits and inspection details here

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